Photos of Jay Niemi in press



An absolute highlight is the Finnish magician Jay Niemi who magically produces a cockatoo and a parrot and lets the both exotic birds fly through the theatre.“
-WZ 2007


„In culmination there were two Cockatoos, taken out of the sleeve or elsewhere, and let circle over the public – this was perceived by the guests as true magic.”
-NRZ 2005


„Jay Niemi has fantastic tricks on hand … a young illusionist from the European major league
-Essener Nachrichten 2005


„Five doves and two cockatoos. The master let them appear on the stage from seemingly nowhere and then vanish again. Jay Niemi has brought this number to perfection yet unseen in Europe.”
-Blitz! 2003



„The young Finn is a master of magic.”
-Extra Tip 2003


Jay Niemi is a new star on the wide magician horizon. Having collected numerous prises after the appearance on the international television the Finnish magician enthralled the Varieté.”
-Neue Westfälische 2001